The Elwha Valley


The Elwha is the Olympic Peninsula's largest watershed, and prior to the construction of two dams in the early 1900s, was known for its impressive salmon returns.

The Elwha Valley is located in the central northern area of Olympic National Park.  Located 11 miles west of Port Angeles, the Elwha Valley is reached by the Olympic Hot Springs Road, off of Highway 101.  For directions, as well as for a list of exciting sites and destinations in the Elwha valley, please click here.  

Today, the Elwha River is the site of one of the largest ecosystem restoration projects in National Park Service history. With its sparkling river surrounded by mountains, the Elwha Valley is a popular destination for all.

General information about the Elwha Valley, facilities, trails, camping, and regulations can be found here.


Please visit the Experience Elwha River Restoration brochure to learn more about the exciting history of this gorgeous river as it heals from decades of being dammed.

To check on the status of any current closures or alerts - as this is the Pacific Northwest, and weather sometimes causes issues - please click here.

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Elwha map