Rented homes

Vrbo and Airbnb

Plus available options!

The Friemoth home


The May home

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The La Grande Hovekamp home


The Bend Hovekamp home

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La Grande Hovekamps


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Bend Hovekamps

This is the current confirmed and booked layout of rented spaces.  The map will be updated as more information comes.

Word on the street is that hotels in the Port Angeles area are already booked up for our reunion window.

Vrbo and Airbnb houses are a good option for accommodating families.  Some research has already been done and suggestions are listed below.


The Elwha Dam RV Park also has three Vrbo properties in addition to their RV and tent campsites.  We recently spoke to the proprietors of the park and they advised us to reserve through the campground directly, rather than through Vrbo, in order to spare yourself the fees.  We were also assured that the properties were not yet reserved for our dates, although I'm no longer confident in that assertion -- your mileage may vary; give it a shot if you're interested.

The first property, the guesthouse, has been reserved by the Mays.

The second property, the cabin, sleeps 6, runs about $220 per night, and can be viewed here:

The third property, the suite, sleeps 2, runs about $125 per night, and can be viewed here:

Other Vrbo properties were researched by our crew.  Please meander through the options at your leisure, and feel free to check out Vrbo yourself.  (This is not an exhaustive list but rather, a sublimated one.)


Under $300 per night: (Near the water, along the Elwha) (Near the water, along the Elwha) (Near the water, along the Elwha) (Between Port Angeles and the Elwha) (In Port Angeles) (In Port Angeles) (Near the water, in Port Angeles)

More than $300 per night: (Near the water, in Port Angeles) (Near the water, in Port Angeles) (Near the water, in Port Angeles) (In Port Angeles) (In Port Angeles)


Under $200 per night: (Along the Elwha) (Along the Elwha)